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Christine Edwards

Christine Edwards

Christine Edwards

    Certified Transformational Breath® Trainer

Brennan Healing Science® Practitioner

I believe Breathwork is grounded in practical science, but delivers health and well-being  in unknown  ways. Come as you are and see where you can go.  

-Christine Edwards

"In the almost 10 years I have worked with Christine I am so impressed by her skills, Presence and gentle Spirit."

-Dr. Judith Kravitz, global Breathwork teacher, Founder of Transformational Breath®


Christine Edwards

Christine Edwards

"In my first session, I followed Christine's guidance as she led me through breathing exercises that expanded my lung capacity and the effectiveness of my breath. But I was astonished to discover as I went into the process more deeply, and my breathing became more intense, how I entered another level where my old emotions and past history were worked throughout my body. The beauty was that I didn't have to say a word; I didn't have to relive any of the stories of the past. I just had to focus on breathing and following Christine's direction. 

-Rachel Khani, AADP Certified Health Coach


Christine Edwards

"Over the 40 years I have been practicing medicine I have come to understand that there are many mysteries involved in healing wounds. These mysteries lie in a realm that might be called a parallel universe or extra-ordinary reality. True healers are able to tune in to these mysteries on behalf of their clients and to be a channel for the forces of goodness and truth. From my own experience I can tell you that Christine is one of these people. Her Breathwork techniques, approach, and presence helped me open channels to deep healing. She is a midwife to the soul. 

-Michael Sharp, MD


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